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Tuesday 4 February

Posted: Tuesday 4 February, 2003 @ 5.17pm CET
The debate over GM crops still rages on, but if last weeks' IL was anything to go by, it was a very insightful article passed to us by Julio Montes de Oca of Ramsar Convention, on Bjorn Lomborg. He is well and truly berated, and castigated in the article which you can find on the Trade/Agriculture page. He first became famous in 2001 when he argued in the Economist magazine that the world isn't on the verge of dying as environmentalists claim -- and was praised accordingly, for assuaging the fears of "environtal-phobes".

Meanwhile, in today's WTOIL, we learn from an article in Last Sunday's Observer newspaper of London how Nestle, under pressure from the consumer, has been forced to drop the six million dollar debt it was charging Ethiopia for.

[Posted: Tues/4/02/03 @ 5.49pm CET]

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